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Advantages Of Serial-attached SCSI Connectors

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Diana Maples спросил 4 месяца назад

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There are many devices used in servers and data centers, among which SAS or Serial-attached SCSI connectors are very popular.

SAS connectors support high speeds and have more stability. SAS connectors are basically used for connecting peripheral devices to computer and for large storage servers. ATA physical storage interfaces, SATA etc were the predecessors to this group. SCSI stands for Small Computer System Interface.

tv serial update-attached SCSI is especially used for access to mass storage devices, particularly external hard drives, and magnetic tape drives. These serial connectors are actually advanced versions of the older parallel technologies. Hence they have many advantages.
SAS connectors are not as bulky as the previous versions and they have thinner yet longer cables. As serial interfaces have fewer conductors in cables, the problems related to crosstalk are lesser compared to parallel interfaces. Apart from this, the hardware for serial interfaces is cost-effective compared to equivalents used in parallel interfaces.

Hot-plugging and blind-mating, connector misalignment compensation and a PCB retention mechanism for robust SMT attachment are some of the key features of these 29-position receptacles and plug connectors. SAS connectors generally support both SAS and SATA drives.

They also meet a wide range of vertical and right angle configurations and are used across different types of server and storage equipment, HDDs, and HDD carriers. Vertical backplane receptacles come with wide-base housing options and are available in SMT, PF (Press-fit), and hybrid terminations.

For PCB attachment, stamped clips act as connector retainers. SAS connectors support interposer cards/paddle cards. The varied features help in addressing the needs of both mission-critical and bulk storage applications.

They provide sequential contact mating for hot plugging with added stability, as it has an additional mechanical strength after soldering. The wide range of vertical and right angle configurations allow engineers to choose the apt termination for their designs.
These compact connectors facilitate in controlling, monitoring, and upgrading the HDD system. Apart from the usage in Data centers and storage servers, these are used in Processor and Storage Blades and Mezzanine Cards in communication sectors. SAS connectors SAS connectors are also used for industrial and instrumentation purposes in embedded system boards and surveillance cameras.

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