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Buying Term Life Insurance Part Iii: Get Qualified!

Обращение гражданРубрика: Вопрос по питаниюBuying Term Life Insurance Part Iii: Get Qualified!
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Did I mention I am stubborn? I was admitted into the hospital on October 30 and released November 2, 3 days. I was determined to be out of the hospital. My doctor told me that I could leave when I could walk the hallways, well I was up and about the day after the surgery walking the halls, I was going home and I would be OK. And I am. The power of prayer and positive thinking.

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Drugs for these and many others of life’s complaints confuse us by counterfeiting the will of God in our lives. By creating alternative realities, the spirit behind these drugs can move us away from God’s will into an illusion, a false reality of truth. God’s Word lists pharmakeia as a work of the flesh, because those who turn to drugs (and those who encourage their use) place dependency on a false reality (an illusion) instead of in God our Healer. It is an insidious scheme, one that has kept millions from knowing the power of healing afforded to them by God.

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