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Controlling Mold Before You Need Mold Remediation

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Laurel Krimmer спросил 4 месяца назад

Nothing about mold sounds attractive except mold remediation. There are thousands of ways to treat mold once it appears. Reversing and then stopping the effects of mold can cost a lot of money. When I think of mold remediation I think don’t think about correcting an existent problem but instead of how I can prevent mold from needing remediation! The following are steps you can take to prevent mold, an organic substance that can grow any where moisture and oxygen are, from taking route in your home.

Preventing mold from happening is a lot easier that getting rid of a mold infestation once it starts. The old saying +a little prevention goes a long way+ is defiantly the case when talking about mold remediation.

You can begin by controlling the moisture levels inside your home. Buildings that are tightly sealed with little ventilation are just asking for mold to come hang out in them. Make sure that there is proper ventilation in your attic and crawl space. If the area feels or smells damp have a professional out to rectify the problem before the mold starts to grow. It is also important to make sure your roof does not leak and to check the seals around the windows and doors. Keep an eye out for how the landscaping and gutters direct the flow of water. It is best to have the water drained away from the house into, perhaps the ground or a reservoir to reuse later in a garden. A sloped ground area going away from the homes foundation will also suffice.

Once you have control over the moisture getting in and out of your homes structure lets look at problems that can exist inside. Uncontrolled humidity in the home can lead to many different problems. If installing a new heating and cool system check to see if you can add a dehumidifier onto the system. If this is not an option you can purchase a dehumidifier at your local Meijer in Brighton, Howell, or Wixom. Adding a ceiling or exhaust fan to areas in your home, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements also helps control the humidity levels.

Leaking pipes and plumbing are a huge hot spot for mold spores to pop up. It is best to do a quick check every three to six months around your home to look for wet spots or condensation build up. Pockets of water develop quickly. It is best to prevent them but if this is not the case catching them early will eliminate mold.

Appliances such as dryers should be specially vented. It is best to have appliances, such as these, vented directly outside your home. Many contractors have taken to venting moisture-generating appliances into the homes attic. I would not recommend this as a form of mold remediation. It is always best to vent directly to the outside of the home.

Clean and dry any spot in your home immediately. Whether your pet has had an accident or your child has spilled their juice the best prevention to keep mold from growing is immediate action. It is necessary to have the area spot cleaned, deep cleaned and dried. A house fan can do the trick in most situations but if you find your socks still feeling damp when you step in the affected area it is best to call in a professional. Carpet installers often have industrial fans that they use on larger spots.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have had a mold issue after taking all the above steps it is important to find a reputable, reliable mold remediation company that will help you remove the mold problem and will guide you in the proper ways to fix and alleviate future mold reoccurrences.

Eco Pro Restoration
3315 Midfield Rd
Pikesville, MD 21208
(410) 645-0274

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