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Georgia Medical Cannabis Production License — GA Cannabis Laws

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Georgia is accepting applications for medical cannabis production Licenses. After the state enabled the usage of Understanding Medical Cannabis cannabis in 2015, the General Assembly finally passed a costs permitting cannabis production and sale in Georgia and now applications are open.

The Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission unanimously approved the process that will permit nearly 14,000 authorized clients in Georgia to obtain oil for treatment in the state. If you are interested in signing up with the cannabis industry in the Peach State.

Applications are due on December, 28, and with such a brief time frame you ought to move quickly to send your application on time. Production licenses are expected to be issued by March 2021.

Types of Cannabis Licenses in Georgia

Georgia Medical Marijuana Class 1 Producer License

The Class 1 Production License licenses a licensee to:

— Grow cannabis just in indoor facilities for usage in producing low THC oil, limited to 100,000 square feet of cultivation area

— Manufacture low THC oil

The commission will provide two Class 1 production licenses.

Georgia Medical Marijuana Class 2 Producer License

Class 2 Production License authorizes a licensee to:

— Grow cannabis just in indoor facilities for use in producing low THC oil, restricted to 50,000 square feet of growing space

— Manufacture low THC oil

The commission shall provide 4 Class 2 production licenses.

Variety Of Cannabis Production Licenses in Georgia

Georgia does establish a very limited variety of licenses to be provided statewide. The state allows six licenses to be issued for the cultivation of medical cannabis, which can run out than 5% THC.

The commission will award licenses to 2 100,000-square-foot facilities and four 50,000-square foot centers.

What Cannabis Products Can A Class 1 and Class 2 Medical Marijuana Licencee Produce?

Georgia laws permit a Class 1 and Class 2 Production License to produce low-THC oil. Georgia law does not allow Production Licensees to produce or produce cannatol, tinctures, topicals, fast start sublinguals, edibles, inhalable, etc. These products are restricted for manufacture and sale in Georgia.

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