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Medical Cannabis Reciprocity: Who Accepts Out-of-State MMJ Cards?

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As of this writing, nine states plus Washington D.C. have actually legislated the recreational usage of cannabis: Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. The spread of adult-use cannabis has increased the appeal of cannabis tourism in legal states but does not cover the level of cannabis tourist in America. In reality, thanks to state reciprocity laws, lots of medical cannabis states likewise allow cardholding visitors to buy and/or own cannabis by themselves grass.
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Naturally, like all cannabis law, the details of medical cannabis reciprocity differ by state, so if access to legal cannabis is essential to you, you need to understand where you’re going and what the law will permit you to do when you arrive.
What is Medical Cannabis Reciprocity?
The term «reciprocity» implies the reciprocal exchange of products, services, or benefits. When it concerns medical cannabis, many states permit reciprocity for visiting medical cannabis clients provided they have the suitable documents to prove it. This means that individuals with a medical need for cannabis can go to even more states without giving up their medications or running the risk of legal issues for refraining from doing so. It does not imply, however, that they can go anywhere with medical cannabis, nor does it suggest that out-of-towners get to follow the same set of guidelines as locals. Here’s what you require to know about states with medical cannabis reciprocity laws so you can prepare your next cannabis vacation without a hitch.
Arizona’s medical cannabis reciprocity laws do not permit visitors to acquire cannabis from dispensaries. It does, however, enable medical patients to have their own product — up to 2.5 ounces, to be exact — without risking confiscation or fines.
While California does not have a devoted reciprocity program for clients with out-of-state medical cannabis cards, they do enable out-of-state visitors to apply for a California medical cannabis card to make legal buy from medicinal dispensaries.
Beginning in 2019, Hawaii’s reciprocity program will go into result, making it legal for medical cannabis patients from any U.S. state to buy medical cannabis in Hawaii. Patients who bring their medical cards from their house state with them can purchase a medical cannabis registration card that will allow them to make buy from licensed Hawaii medical cannabis dispensaries.
Medical cannabis patients from out-of-state are lawfully permitted to take in medical cannabis for approximately 30 days after getting in the state. However, certifying clients are not enabled to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary — unless they sign up with the state of Maine.
Though Maine requires specific paperwork to be considered for their medical cannabis program, anybody can qualify if they have the suitable kinds completed by their physician, provide the appropriate medical cannabis accreditation and show a valid image ID. Ownership of the appropriate documentation permits visitors and homeowners alike to possess, utilize and acquire medical cannabis legally in the state.
Michigan deals with medical cannabis visitors the very same way they deal with residents; ownership of approximately 2.5 ounces is legal in the state as is intake * if * usage is kept subtle. Public intake is strictly restricted, and the state takes this very seriously so keep it under covers if you’re planning a 420-friendly trip in Michigan. You may be able to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary with an out-of-state card, but it is up to the shop so make sure to call around before going to.
New Hampshire’s medical cannabis laws allow out-of-state visitors with their medical card to possess up to 2 ounces of cannabis at a time. However, they do not permit visitors to legally acquire cannabis in the state. Out-of-state medical cards are also only legitimate if they are intended to treat among New Hampshire’s certifying medical conditions.
Nevada legislated the leisure sale of cannabis in 2015 which comes with a tax rate of up to 38 percent in some locations. Fortunately, medical cannabis clients, even those from out-of-state, can utilize their medical cannabis registration card to conserve around 10 percent on cannabis tax.
The medical state of Rhode Island accepts out-of-state medical cannabis registration cards but does not permit visitors to buy cannabis items from state-licensed facilities. Some areas may accept out-of-state medical registration cards, however, so we advise calling ahead to validate prior to going to a regional Rhode Island dispensary.
The US territory of Puerto Rico has an emerging medical cannabis industry that is inviting to going to tourists who have legitimate medical cannabis cards from their house states. Puerto Rico permits medical cannabis reciprocity and sales to any authorized U.S. patient.
Final Thoughts
Medical cannabis assists millions of people live delighted, healthy lives, but their requirement for medical cannabis must not limit them to medicating only in their house states. For medical patients who want to travel without jeopardizing their comfort, lots of states will accept their out-of-state medical certification through numerous reciprocity programs. Before setting out on your next weed experience, check with regional laws to find out more about what you can and can’t do under Medical Marijuana Card cannabis reciprocity laws in your next location.

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