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Mold Removal Should be Done By Experts

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Pat Lyttle спросил 4 месяца назад

When most of us think of mold removal we think of both mold and mildew removal. However mold is a different type of fungi than mildew and the two look differently as well. Both mold and mildew can grow in the same environments that are characterized by being moist and warm. Mildew is most often found in showers and on paper and fabrics while mold can be found growing on walls, floors, ceilings and inside crawl spaces and cupboards.

If you suspect that you have a mold problem in your home you should not hesitate to contact a mold remediation cleanup company. Certain varieties of mold can be very dangerous to breathe and can result in people getting very sick or even dying. Mold has made the front pages of the news in recent years as it was found that mold was growing on a certain type of drywall that was being imported into the United States. People living in the affected homes reported feeling nauseous and lightheaded, of having terrible headaches and difficulty breathing. As time progressed it was discovered that deadly black mold or Strachybotrys Atra was growing and thriving inside these people’s homes. Nearly all of these homeowners were forced to vacate their homes while entire walls and electrical systems were removed and replaced. In some instances the mold infestation was so severe and extensive that the homes were abandoned and torn down.

Mold removal can make your home safe once again. If you attempt to do the mold clean up task yourself you may be risking your health as quite often hidden mold is missed. Once you have contacted a mold removal company the experts will arrive at your home to access the situation. The mold will be correctly identified and located. The source of the moisture must be identified and fixed or the mold problem will continue to occur. Moldy items will be removed from the premises and disposed of properly. Those items which can be cleaned will be taken off-site and dealt with. The professionals will then begin the cleanup process one room at a time. Whenever mold spores are disturbed they spread to other areas of the home so each room is sealed off prior to the cleaning process.

The mold removal company will clean the air to rid it of mold spores and particulates. This is done using air filtration machines equipped with HEPA filters. The workers will wear gloves, air filter masks and goggles while cleaning the air so that they do not become ill. The toughest part of the job is the removal of the fully developed mold. Cleaning glass and hard surfaces such as plastic is the easiest because there are no nooks and crannies for the mold to hide in. However, when it comes to cleaning wood and concrete, special chemicals are used which permeate these porous materials so that the spores are killed. In extreme cases of infestation a contractor may be needed to come in and tear out moldy wooden baseboards and window frames. If basement ceiling tiles are affected these are always removed and disposed of because it is simply not possible to clean them. If your home’s structure was compromised by water or moisture a basement waterproofing contractor may be needed so that the damage is repaired ensuring that mold cannot begin to grow again.

Mold and mildew cleanup should not be taken lightly. It is very important that the type of mold present is properly identified. A highly reputable mold remediation company should be called in to ensure that the job is done properly. It is not wise to jeopardize your health by attempting to clean up mold yourself.

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