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Reefer Madness Replaced

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Jim Wall спросил 4 месяца назад

Tells how the «War on Drugs» has actually created an hysterical response to hydroponic cannabis, and how you can decrease the hazardous results of smoking cigarettes by utilizing a cannabis vaporizer.

In the 20s there was Reefer Madness, now we have the 21st century variation; Hydro Hysteria. Cannabis is something that Wade Agnew understands a great deal about. The author of the recently launched autobiography «Cheating the Hangman: True Confessions of a Heroin Trafficker » Wade understands what hes talking about when it concerns controlled substances; he has been using them for almost forty years, and smoking cigarettes cannabis every day given that first finding it a University in 1968. Wade has taken them all. «It was bad enough in the early days. I was «verballed » by the Australian Police; planted with 2 roaches; enough to have you imprisoned for months! Its laughable when I consider it now. We had to endure this scenario for years, and individuals around the globe are still being put behind bars for ridiculous amounts of cannabis. Its a scandal, especially in some parts of the United States; the so-called land of the totally free. »

«Now health and law enforcement authorities have released a new worldwide attack versus the growing use of hydroponic cannabis; called «hydro «. Thanks to the international «War on Drugs » percolating from the US, with its associated stranglehold on the International Narcotics Control Board, we now need to sustain a new round of anti-marijuana hysteria. This brand-new attack demonizes, criminalizes and maltreats those who choose to consume cannabis. «Jesus, in the 1960s I would have given my right arm for cannabis as regularly excellent as the present hydro. The primary problem appears to be the increased strength; the high THC content; frequently around 20% «. «Are these guys kidding me? Grass thats too strong! Is there any such thing? Not in my book; the stronger the better. I use a cannabis vaporizer these days. Its the absolute best method to take your medicine, » states Wade from his home in Australia, where much to his chagrin, cannabis remains prohibited.

Health specialists have actually gotten on board, adding their own Medical Use Of Marijuanas hysteria. It triggers schizophrenia they claim. People with this disorder are definitely drawn to cannabis, and it could well aggravate the condition, however nothing conclusive relating to domino effect has actually been established. On the other side of the health ledger, it has been understood for centuries that cannabis is one of the safest therapeutically active compounds known to male, with a wide variety of applications; remedy for nausea and boost of cravings; reduction of intra-ocular (within the eye) pressure; reduction of muscle spasms, and relief from persistent pain. Cannabis is regularly advantageous in the treatment of AIDS, Glaucoma, Cancer (chemotherapy treatment), Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, and Chronic Pain. Many patients likewise report that cannabis is useful for dealing with arthritis, migraine, menstrual cramps, alcohol and opiate addiction, anxiety and other debilitating mood conditions. Do we ever hear any of this from the health «experts «? Since much of the debate over making use of cannabis originates from possible long-term damage from damaging aspects in the smoke, utilizing a cannabis vaporizer makes great sense.

«I import the VapoHead Marijuana Vaporizer into Australia due to the fact that I couldnt get a decent one locally » states Wade. «It releases the beneficial components of cannabis into my lungs without burning; no tars or other harmful carcinogens. I wake in the morning without that heavy feeling in my lungs. Many glass-dome cannabis vaporizers have actually appeared given that the very first vaporizers gotten here in 1994. None work as well as the VapoHead; keep in mind larger is not always much better. » Large glass domes mishandle. You lose a lot of the active ingredients of cannabis because they condense on the inside of the dome. The VapoHead Marijuana Vaporizer has a small dome and an airtight seal designed for optimal effectiveness. The ceramic bowl enables even heating unlike brass versions, holding a sufficient amount of your selected cannabis. The smaller size and clinical design combine just the right amount of heat and reduced oxygen supply for optimum benefit.

Go to; http://www.cheatingthehangman.com.au

According to the «Maps » study; (Vol.11 spring2001) «The Marijuana Vaporizer produced THC at a temperature level of 200 C. (392 F.), while completely eliminating 3 measured toxic substances; benzene, a known carcinogen, plus toluene and naphthalene. Carbon monoxide and smoke tars were both qualitatively minimized by the Marijuana Vaporizer.

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» So don’t believe everything you check out hydro, keep your own counsel, stay calm, and if you want to get stoned without seeming like youve simply drew smoke from an automobile exhaust, obtain a cannabis vaporizer. » Says Wade from in front of his laptop computer in Australia.


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