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To This End

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Monshouwer, K.

( 2008) Utrecht University Repository


Supervisor(s): Vollebergh, Wilma; van Os, J.; de Graaf, R.


Substance use is generally considered as one of the most crucial kinds of danger behaviour amongst teenagers. In order to comprehend compound use patterns in the adolescent population and to be able to take prompt, adequate and targeted procedures to prevent compound usage related harm, it is essential to closely … learn more display aspects like the frequency of usage, age of first use, intensity of usage, trends, risk aspects and co-morbid issues. The objective of this thesis is to provide this info for using alcohol and cannabis amongst Dutch teenagers. To this end, two high quality, nationally representative epidemiological studies, i.e. the Dutch National School Survey on Substance Use (DNSSU) (Monshouwer et al., 2004) and the Health Behaviour in School-aged Children research study (HBSC) (Dorsselaer et al., 2007) were evaluated. The first part of this thesis explains the frequency and patterns in using alcohol and cannabis. Among the main findings was that the boost in the life time frequency rate of alcohol use over the period 1992-2003 was particularly strong amongst the youngest age (12-14 years). The study on cannabis demonstrated that the modifications in the occurrence rates throughout 1988- 2003 showed underlying shift in the age of first cannabis usage. For example, while frequency rates showed a boost from 1988 to 1996, age of first cannabis usage reduced. The 2nd part of the thesis focussed on the development to dangerous compound usage patterns i.e. drunkenness and polydrug usage. It was revealed that that the time interval in between the very first beverage and very first drunkenness is little (1,6 years). Furthermore, polydrug use appeared to be highly prevalent, practically one quarter of the 12-16 year olds used 2 or more compounds (including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and hard drugs) in the month prior to the study. The risk of becoming a polydrug user increased with age, was biggest for ethnically Dutch students and those participating in lower employment education. The third part of this thesis revealed that both alcohol and cannabis use were connected with a greater risk for externalising issues (delinquent and aggressive behaviour). For alcohol, however not for cannabis Medical Use Of Marijuanas it was shown that this relationship was particularly strong amongst the more youthful age (i.e.

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