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Using of an Ozone Machine For Mold Removal

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Candy Stark спросил 4 месяца назад

Mold removal falls under the scope of the larger field of mold remediation. Usually, mold remediation entails complete elimination of mold from indoor areas, such as rooms in condominiums and offices. Mold growth is a common problem that is covered in occupational health. Mold usually grows in moist environments, such as rooms that do not have adequate ventilation and leave moisture trapped within the room’s structure. Mold can be dangerous to people who are allergic to it or have some kind of physical reaction to the presence of mold spores in the air. Some people develop fungus infections on their skin, or have asthmatic attacks from inhaling the mold spores. It is very important then to remove mold from a contaminated room.

Professional remediation personnel can act to diagnose if you have a mold problem in your indoor environment, and can recommend ways to undertake mold removal for you. One way is mold removal with the use of an ozone machine.

You may know an ozone machine by another name, which is Ozone Generator. The two names refer to one and the same machine which theoretically functions via the ozone blasting technique. Ozone blasting (also called High Ozone shock treatment) is supposed to be a cheap yet effective way to undertake mold removal in indoor places.

Since ozone has been shown to kill mold in university studies, manufacturers of all size ozone machines are eager to claim their machine kills mold. An effective mold killing ozone machine functions by producing high concentrations (in excess of 10 ppm) of ozone in the enclosed room for a prolonged length of time. Machines that produce small amounts of ozone that meet the EPA guidelines for use in occupied space, are not strong enough to kill mold. It’s vital that no people or pets are within the room while the ozone blasting is going on.

Ozone machines and the ozone they release can also remove unwanted odors released by the mold growing within the room. Any vermin in the room will also be exterminated, as a side benefit.

Health officials contend that dead mold is a danger to occupants of the room and building, unless the dead mold is physically removed altogether. Removing moldy carpet, saturated dry wall, and mold infested wood framing are unavoidable in sever cases caused by flooding or water infiltration. Once those building materials are removed and the air has been blasted with ozone, the area should be vacuumed with a vacuum utilizing a hepa filter designed to remove micron size particles. Mold spores are very small and will go through most regular vacuums.

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